Read, Respond, Share
Never call in to voicemail again.

Speech to text

No need to listen to voicemail when a quick glance at the text is enough. Answer Cloud includes the transcribed text with the voicemail. Automatically, at no extra cost.


Respond with a call, a text, or an email. If the call was matched to a contact, use any of the contact's phone numbers or email addresses to respond.


Share the details of a call or voicemail via email, text, or your favorite app. Depending on the app, include the transcribed text, call details, and recording.


Get a notification on your phone, wherever you are, for any missed call or voicemail. Read the first part of the transcribed message to get the gist, then tap to read or play the message if needed.


Put a name to a number. Upload your phone's Contacts so that Answer Cloud can automatically match incoming calls. The contact's details are also available when you respond.

Multiple numbers

Have all your voicemail in one convenient place. Add any mobile, home, or work phone number that allows forwarding of calls. For each number you can record a separate greeting.


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